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What Will the New World Handicap System Mean to You!




As we look forward to 2020 in the very moist world of UK golf, the World Handicap System developed by R&A and USGA is the biggest change since the flag in or out rule change.

As clubs around the country look to change how they officiate competitions, I’m thinking is this a change that will help or hinder. I’m all for inclusive rules, but changing a handicapping system that is already heavily ingrained in today’s game, will it be a disrupter or just disrupt.

Let’s look at the current handicap system first. Your scores below the CSS (Difficulty of the course on the day) determine how many shots you lose.

Let me Explain the Current System:

  • Category 1 Golfer, handicap + to 5.4, will lose 0.1 for every shot under CSS.
  • Category 2 Golfer, handicap 5.5 to 12.4, will lose 0.2 for every shot under CSS.
  • Category 3 Golfer, handicap 12.5 to 20.4, will lose 0.3 for every shot under CSS.
  • Category 4 Golfer, handicap 20.5 to 28, will lose 0.4 for every shot under CSS.

So a 7.1 handicap, shooting a net 65 with the CSS of 72, is 7 shots under their handicap for the day. That’s 7*0.2, so a 1.4 handicap reduction to 5.7. Simple!

A 24 handicap shooting the same net 65 with a CSS of 72, again 7 shots under their handicap will see a 7*0.4 shot reduction of 2.8 making them 21.2.

This system makes it easier to get your handicap down in big chunks but then a lot harder to become an elite golfer. As there’s a buffer zone where you can also go up 0.1 for shots over your handicap.

So what is the new system?

In short, it’s the average of your best 8 games out of your last 20.

Let’s say your 8 average scores are 75, so 3 over par average (I wish!), you then shoot a 69 (3 under), your scores will be 7*3 and 1*-3. so 18 / 8. 2.25.

I’m not sure about you but I did a statistical Maths A-Level and I’m finding this a little bit baffling.

Why Change It?

The new handicapping rules are there to making the game more: Inclusive and Accessible, Consistent and Portable, Modern and Adaptable.

I don’t know about you but I struggle to remember what I had for breakfast let alone my last 20 scores.

I agree that there is a huge population of the golfing world that just goes for a knock or various handicapping used on society days, corporate events or away opens. It would be amazing to include those games in the handicapping process. To truly have a handicap that is reflective of your ability. It’s not making it more accessible as it is taking that power from the player to calculate their own handicap and into an app. With an introduction of a 54 handicap limit, regardless of gender, age etc, this is going to open up competitions to all. However. When I started you had to be of a certain standard before playing on the course both in skill and etiquette. Should you really be on a golf course when your average scores around 130 or spending the time practicing? I thought they were looking to speed up golf!

I also agree that handicaps are wrong when you look at it on a course by course basis. While CSS can give you a reflective handicap against the conditions on the day, we all know the holes that aren’t really Par 5s or the course that’s ridiculously tight. When you play their team you get hiding because they’re used to it. I remember the term slope index used years ago on the continent but never really came into the UK. Let’s hope!

Being Modern and Adaptable is a system that can change based on the need of player, does that mean they’re looking at a system they can constantly change using technology? Rules that constantly adapt akin of the Formula 1 rule changes?

I’m not sure about you but one year Formula 1 is about advancing the cars and the next year about making it pure driver ability based.

But here’s the kicker.

Who’s going to police it. Those that game the system now will find loopholes. Bringing non-competitive knocks into the handicapping system can open it up to misuse. 

I seriously hope that this gives golf a new lease of life without punishing those that live and breath it on a daily basis. It needs to give the lower handicapper a chance to get lower and the higher handicapper a platform to come down gradually. We’ve all had massive shot reductions and then not been able to play to it for months.

Whatever your thoughts, it’s here, get ready and we’ll see you in the bar to complain about it after. VAR style 🙂

Golf Injuries – Treating Back Pain

As I write this, I’m suffering myself after a very hilly and exhausting round at Houghwood.

The injuries that kept me from playing for years, is always there ready to pounce whenever I let it and to be fair, I’ve let myself down recently.

I’ve not stretched anywhere as near as I should have and I’ve taken for granted a good spell of good health by smashing out golf as much as possible. It’s not big and it’s not clever.

Apart from the usual painkillers, I’ve got some new treatments that I’ve used and have made a significant difference.


Referred to me by a number of Instagrammers, I finally decided to take the plunge and it was an amazing experience. The treatments were not cheap but I honestly felt like I was walking on air when I left. His use of machinery (don’t ask!), deep tissue and targeted stretching took me to the edge of pain but gave me instant relief. “I’d rather give you one amazing session so you tell 10 people than 10 sessions to get money from you like others!” Too true!

Take a look at his videos they’re seriously breathtaking!

View this post on Instagram

Do you or anyone you know suffer from a "trapped nerve"? I can help. Real people, real results. Nobody else does treatments like this as I have my own unique way of working. I created this system after 5 years of uni and 6 years of clinical practice. @shakir_18 travelled to see me all the way from Nottingham. For 8 months he had been in constant daily pain, unable to get a good nights sleep or even cross the road without serious difficulty. He had what most people call a "trapped nerve" in his neck. His neck was so stiff he could hardly turn his head. He was getting pins and needles as well as sharp, shooting pain into his arm and hand. Shak came to see me on the 2nd April. it's now over 3 months later and the results have lasted completely. He still has 2/10 discomfort but is able to live his normal life. I look forward to helping you again to hopefully get rid of the rest of the pain when I'm in Birmingham. Book your treatment today from the link in my bio.

A post shared by Unlock Your Potential (@the_eliteosteo) on

Pernaton Get Forte

Pernaton was introduced to me at the start of the summer as a muscle and connective tissue massage with Green Lipped Mussell extract. Weird right! That was my initial thought but I try everything and then make my mind up.

The Gel gave me an instant heat feeling in my muscles but not like a deep heat spray that feels like it just heats the skin, this was really deep within my muscles. It also didn’t have the intense smell that you get with normal creams, it’s a spicy mix.

I’m using it at the moment and I was using it prior to my round to free up muscles. It helped me massively and I probably should have been a bit more consistent in putting on.

It’s easy to remember when you’ve got pain but I’m a nightmare for putting it on when there is no pain.

Take a look for yourself on Amazon.

ASEA Redox Revitalising Gel

I met John at Fore Business networking event and he claimed this magic gel could sort my golfer’s elbow out. True to form, it worked a treat.

How could salt water really help?

I’m no scientist but whatever they’ve done with the gel it’s amazing. By increasing connectivity between dead cells, it worked it’s magic for me and I’m going to be using it on my back.

Contact John for more information.

I’ve got a lot to sort and I’m going to keep the muscle rub on, I was given some awesome stretches by The Elite Osteo and then hopefully, keep up with a routine!

10 Ways to Improve Amateur Golf

We’ve put our heads together and come up with 10 tips to help make the game a little bit more enjoyable!

Tips to improve Amateur Golf

larger holes to putt into

Tips to improve Amateur Golf

no clubhouse twat rule. 3 strikes and your barred

Tips to improve Amateur Golf

mandatory 1 week ban if you turn up with the latest clubs and don’t shoot at least buffer

Tips to improve Amateur Golf

the local pro has to play the course in one comp a month

Tips to improve Amateur Golf

green staff have to caddy and golfers mow once a month

Tips to improve Amateur Golf

all shit bunkers automatic GUR

Tips to improve Amateur Golf

you can tee off the reds for a 1 shot penalty

Tips to improve Amateur Golf

a lost ball is a mandatory 0 points or highest score with zero and move on

Tips to improve Amateur Golf

you NR you have to do a forfeit or pay a fine

Tips to improve Amateur Golf

mandatory live stream of the first tee on youtube


Do you have any additions to this list?

Forest of Arden Society Golf Course Review and Vlog with Golf Tours International

Playing a game of golf on a course you’ve wanted to for years is an eye opening experience.

However is the championship course at the Marriott Forest of Arden one for the golf purists or can it be enjoyed by all on a golf day? Luckily we sent Phill and Stuart from That Golfing Vlog down to the Warwickshire based golf resort to live that dream for a day.

As a 7 handicap, ex-pro, Phill has wanted to play the Forest of Arden ever since he heard the name years ago as a destination for pure golfers. Somewhere the top golfers in the country go to practise, train and level up their golf. However off 32, Stuart is a brand new golfer that’s fighting to get his handicap down while also losing a number of balls. The prospect of a course with more water than the lake district was a scary one, but is it too difficult or a rewarding challenge.
Upon arrival the entrance is a stunning glimpse into the stunning example of what a heritage golf course looks like. Beautifully kept greens, tee boxes you could level a wall with and stunning bunkers that wouldn’t look out of place on a tropical beach. 
The pro shop was fully stocked with every top end brand you can imagine with Stuart buying a Forest of Arden pitchmark repairer and a new J Lindeberg cap for me 🙂 We started off grabbing a buggy from the shop and I can pleasantly say they had more than 20, no more having to compromise. With two courses, the Arden (Championship) and the Aylesford, you can spend a weekend here and not have to play the same hole twice. Continually testing and fresh, even if you’re not.
There’s a starter hut ready to get you moving with a great starter keeping the game on time, and not judging those bad shots either. The front nine on the Arden course is a true test of golf. You have to plan and plot your way around each hole with a testing approach to the green if you’re out of place. There are holes on the front 9 that you’ll never forget. The 8th hole in particular was of our favourites. A green and tee box surrounded by water, not only is it challenging but it’s also fair with tee boxes well within the range of all golfers. You’ll also spot a number of bunkers on the front 9 with a sprinkling of water. 
Stuart, 32 Handicap “Not the easiest of front 9s, it requires plotting around and encourages risk free play. Very little margin for error off the tee where I lost a few balls but kept our match within sight, especially with the quality of the greens and surrounds.”
Phill, 7 Handicap “This was pure golf, very few courses make you have to be switched on to play well. Despite hit a couple of perfect tee shots, as I didn’t know the course I was either too far or blocked out. Couple of gettable holes where a long straight drive left you close and the greens were receptive to a good shot too. Challenging!”
The back 9 is a very different story despite the continuation of quality and nature. Unfortunately the halfway house was shut but I did spy a few beers through the window, so for those battered by the first 9, there’s a little respite. The second half opened up and really gave Stuart more of an opportunity to come back. If the front 9 was reducing risk, the back was a chance to get the rewards. Shorter more open holes with opportunities to pull some shots back, should you decide.
Unfortunately I went for a lot of shots such as the 5wd into the Par 5 over water to the green. Utterly awe inspiring. Playing in such a beautiful location, with deer running across the fairways, it didn’t matter though. It felt like we were playing a course in America, not Birmingham. If the 10th is an exceptional start, the 18th is an utterly thrilling finishing hole. Nearly 200 yards from the whites, it’s about 135 carry over the biggest lake I’ve seen on a golf course. It honestly looks around 300 yards so make sure you get the yardage and play to the number. There’s a bail out right with it getting longer the further left you get.

Stuart kept his head down after a challenging first 9, taking advantage of the openness off the tee, having really got into the grove of playing the course and making the most of true greens. Our match ended up all square over the 18 holes which I think is fair considering the nature of the course. I took a lot of risks on the back 9 and unfortunately they didn’t come off, leaving Stuart to keep it straight and come back.
The Arden course really is a true golf course with something for everyone. The rough is long if you go way off, the bunkers are huge but well maintained, fairways are rolling but fair and the greens large but receptive. This is a venue for large groups and tailored for all. It’s a competitive venue if you’re playing Strokeplay but can easily become fairer for all in Stableford and perfect for Texas Scramble. 
Phill, 7 Handicap “You can’t fail to love the course. It’s risk and reward all the way round. Bad shots are punished but great shots are rewarded with opportunities. After years of wanting to play, I want to play again and bring all my friends.”
Stuart, 32 Handicap “I couldn’t believe the standard of the course and the beautiful surroundings. That’s not even taking into account our game. It was really challenging on the front 9, lost a couple of balls but kept my head down and it opened up on the back nine, and really gave me the opportunity to fight back. A great experience and one I’d love to come back and try again.”
The golf course isn’t where it finished for us though and we made sure we had a quick beer in the bar after. This is tailored for visiting groups as there were multiple places to sit for all in groups, with a fantastic outdoor seating area and a brilliant atmosphere. Include a great selection of beers, food and staff that really engage and ask you how your game went. It’s a venue that we’ll play again in the future and hope we can take our friends with us too.

Thank you to Golf Tours International for arranging this golf course review and thank you to Marriott for making the course beautiful and providing us with a buggy.

We’ve teamed up with Golf Tours International to share their amazing Golf Course Packages and this is definetly one not to be missed.

Here’s a list of their prices, we would highly recommend the Forest of Arden and if you think you can do better. Get booking!


Included in the golf package – 1 night 2 rounds
  • 1 night accommodation in twin rooms
  • Dinner, bed & breakfast basis
  • 1 round of golf at Arden course
  • 1 round of golf at Aylesford course

» 1 free in 12 available please enquire

» For an alternative number of nights / rounds of golf please enquire

» For bank Mondays, Sunday night rates will apply

July & September: Sunday  £149, Monday to Friday  £167, Saturday  £179
August: Sunday  £129, Monday to Friday  £147, Saturday  £149
October: Sunday  £119, Monday to Friday  £132, Saturday  £135
November & December: Sunday  £109, Monday to Friday  £129, Saturday  £131



2019 Open Championship – Men’s Mental Health Sweepstake

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Why are we doing this!

Over the past couple of years, we’ve been big supporters on CALM in our personal lives and Phill was part of the team to walk from Fulham to Birmingham raising nearly £18,000 when all collected. As the biggest killer of men under 45, male suicide awareness needs all the help it can get and this is our way of helping to raise awareness for CALM (Men’s Mental Health Charity Campaign Against Living Miserably).

The more we can raise, the greater the chance of those in need finding CALM and having that life saving call answered.

  • £8 can answer one potentially life-saving call
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If we have 20 entrants, we’ll draw from the top 20 players ranked by betting odds and so on and so forth, to keep it as competitive as possible.

If your player finishes the highest at the end of the Open (after playoff if a draw), you’ll take home 50% of the money pot. The additional 50% will go directly to Campaign Against Living Miserably to really change lives.

The draw will take place at 6 pm on the 17th of July. All processed by Paypal, just click on the button below and follow the instructions on the paypal page.

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You can enter as many times as you’d like and if you would like to donate more to CALM or find out more about the charity, please check them out here: www.thecalmzone.net/


If you or someone you know are suffering from mental health issues, are not themselves and you think they need support CALM operate a helpline from 5pm to midnight. Call them on 0800 58 58 58 or visit TheCalmzone.net for their online webchat.