As I write this, I’m suffering myself after a very hilly and exhausting round at Houghwood.

The injuries that kept me from playing for years, is always there ready to pounce whenever I let it and to be fair, I’ve let myself down recently.

I’ve not stretched anywhere as near as I should have and I’ve taken for granted a good spell of good health by smashing out golf as much as possible. It’s not big and it’s not clever.

Apart from the usual painkillers, I’ve got some new treatments that I’ve used and have made a significant difference.


Referred to me by a number of Instagrammers, I finally decided to take the plunge and it was an amazing experience. The treatments were not cheap but I honestly felt like I was walking on air when I left. His use of machinery (don’t ask!), deep tissue and targeted stretching took me to the edge of pain but gave me instant relief. “I’d rather give you one amazing session so you tell 10 people than 10 sessions to get money from you like others!” Too true!

Take a look at his videos they’re seriously breathtaking!

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Do you or anyone you know suffer from a "trapped nerve"? I can help. Real people, real results. Nobody else does treatments like this as I have my own unique way of working. I created this system after 5 years of uni and 6 years of clinical practice. @shakir_18 travelled to see me all the way from Nottingham. For 8 months he had been in constant daily pain, unable to get a good nights sleep or even cross the road without serious difficulty. He had what most people call a "trapped nerve" in his neck. His neck was so stiff he could hardly turn his head. He was getting pins and needles as well as sharp, shooting pain into his arm and hand. Shak came to see me on the 2nd April. it's now over 3 months later and the results have lasted completely. He still has 2/10 discomfort but is able to live his normal life. I look forward to helping you again to hopefully get rid of the rest of the pain when I'm in Birmingham. Book your treatment today from the link in my bio.

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Pernaton Get Forte

Pernaton was introduced to me at the start of the summer as a muscle and connective tissue massage with Green Lipped Mussell extract. Weird right! That was my initial thought but I try everything and then make my mind up.

The Gel gave me an instant heat feeling in my muscles but not like a deep heat spray that feels like it just heats the skin, this was really deep within my muscles. It also didn’t have the intense smell that you get with normal creams, it’s a spicy mix.

I’m using it at the moment and I was using it prior to my round to free up muscles. It helped me massively and I probably should have been a bit more consistent in putting on.

It’s easy to remember when you’ve got pain but I’m a nightmare for putting it on when there is no pain.

Take a look for yourself on Amazon.

ASEA Redox Revitalising Gel

I met John at Fore Business networking event and he claimed this magic gel could sort my golfer’s elbow out. True to form, it worked a treat.

How could salt water really help?

I’m no scientist but whatever they’ve done with the gel it’s amazing. By increasing connectivity between dead cells, it worked it’s magic for me and I’m going to be using it on my back.

Contact John for more information.

I’ve got a lot to sort and I’m going to keep the muscle rub on, I was given some awesome stretches by The Elite Osteo and then hopefully, keep up with a routine!