The Brabazon Golf Course Review – The Belfry Golf Course Vlog 2019

#TheBelfry #Brabazon
They say don’t meet your heroes and while I’ve played here a long time ago, playing back at the Brabazon was a dream come true!

The #Brabazon is the course that’s featured in so many #Rydercup competitions throughout the years and a course that brings back personal memories too.

This was the venue of my #PGA residency all those years ago, where I’d learn how to change shafts, teach children how to play golf, golf course management and also the etiquette of being a professional golfer.

It’s the course I remember fondly as my personal home of golf and it was amazing to be back, if only for a few hours.

I managed to shoot 10 over par with two lost balls. Which is respectable, to say the least. Stuart managed a well respected 32 over par, which is the first time this year playing to his handicap, on one of the toughest and well over 1000 yards longer than our home course. It just goes to show, concentration and mental toughness is just as important as ball striking.

So here’s to another amazing round and hoping, that we’ll be back soon!

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