That Golfing Vlog Review Duxbury Park Golf Course

Everyone’s after a cheap round, with no one around and a good course within 20 minutes. You’ll be open to a cheaper round if the course isn’t great or pay a little more if it’s better. With Duxbury, I think we found the sweet spot.

Using tee off times app, we managed to get a round at £8.50 per person, teeing off at 12pm on a Friday. We were fully expecting it to be a shocker!

On arrival the pro shop was manned by a non-golfer, it was clear to see that they didn’t understand the questions we asked about pin positions and using powakaddys on the course. Slightly frustrating and made us question our decision to play. We were also fronted by 2 four balls on the tee, all hacking it down the first.

Never a good sign as poor courses attract those who have poor course play and generally leave your greens in a mess.

We were completely wrong!

What a course! From beautiful holes over water, to longish par 4s to really test those irons that hardly get hit in the bag. The greens weren’t perfect, but you could see they were a good cut and a roll away from it.

As a 9 handicap golfer, I’m looking for a challenging course which I got in bundles but there are also holes to make up birdies for those consistent off the tee.

With Stuart off 31, he’s looking for something completely different and the idea of lakes in front of tee boxes means an expensive round in balls! The good news is Duxbury has good lay off areas for those not going for challenging shots, the rough was manageable and he wasn’t punished off the tee for not being able to hit it over 250 consistently. Nobody likes a postage stamp fairway 200 yards from the tee then a flat fairway.

A great course, well enjoyed and a bargain even at full price. They were advertising some great flexible membership deals and had good practice facilities. We stopped for a bite to eat and I can say that my homemade burger was definitely homemade and tasted amazing! There was ample room to sit and enjoy the sun and there are children’s putting and play area for the family effect.

A real winner from me, and a course I’ll have to take the family to next time.

Have you played there? Tell us what you think below!

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