Thank you Haigh Hall Golf Club

The last three months at Haigh Hall Golf Club has been great, and it’s all down to the fantastic members. Their banter, support and games have made the rounds bearable, even at their worst.

We’ve however had to leave due to the ongoing maintenance of the course, or lack of it. It was a really tough decision to leave as we’ve had a good time and it’s unbelievable to think that it was only a few months ago that we had joined.

There was a big question mark over my ability to play consistent uninjured golf and even though I’ve had a few pulls and currently nursing golfers elbow, it’s been ok. However, the course hasn’t. This isn’t aimed to bash the course and the lack of maintenance as it looks like they are going to be putting some resources in, it’s the fact that they let it get that way in the first place. Shows a lack of foresight and love for the members. Not good.

So thanks for the memories, please stay in touch and I hope that the course keeps moving in the right direction for you all.



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