How to Play Golf in the Office – Corporate Golf Course Review

I’m sure everyone enjoyed the 119th US Open, and what a surprise winner but that was some golf. Here’s a competition that even Tiger Woods and Brooks Koepka didn’t qualify for this one.

We also love a good game of golf with friends and of course playing golf in the office. 🙂 Why not combine the US Open and the Office for the Office Open 2019.

One of the most prestigious competitions of our time… The Office Open. A three-hole matchplay over two floors, including into the lift (tricky par 5), and the dreaded stairway to hell (finishing hole).

Introducing Office Golf’s latest rising star, Stuart “Lavi Ballesteros” Laverty, an aspiring professional golfer on the office tour, with a slight slice to his swing. A Rory Mcllroy of a player, coming into the final with a win at his last event.

Chasing the leader, Phill “Arnie” Palmer, with his trademark Billy Mayfair style and good looks 🙂 An ex professional golfer with a long tee shot and a powerful drive.

If you’re a golfer and work in an office all day, why don’t you hold one the regional events, for a chance to meet us in next years final 🙂

Hope you’ve enjoyed, we definitely loved making it and at the end of the day, it’s a bit of fun doing what we love!

Cheers fellow golf fans, see you on the course! For the full golf course vlog, see our videos 🙂 (haha only messing it’s all here!)

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