Don’t Blame Good Golfers for Slow Play in Golf – It Affects EVERYONE!

There’s a lot of talk about Bryson Dechambeau and his embarrassing display of slow play in those two shots in particular at the Northern Trust PGA Tournament. But what seems to be coming out from a lot of videos is that it’s a problem with low handicappers.

It’s bloody well not.

I’ve always played fast from starting as a junior having my arse handed to me if I hadn’t cleared the tee before the seniors came through to county and national competitions. My mentality is I’ve hit enough balls on the range, swung this club thousands of time, if I’m loose I’m loose. Nearly every low handicapper I know gets it around too. With the exception of a few out of many years.

But the same goes for high handicappers, especially those new to golf who haven’t had their arses kicked around by the seniors. With the flags now staying in, courses rammed at the weekend and no pressure to play when there’s no one round in the week, who is setting the standards?

But this isn’t a new problem and it’s only been highlighted recently due to the extra coverage on and off the course.

So what are we going to do to help?

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