Beat the Back 6 – Reduce your Handicap with Golf Course Management

I’ve joined a new club and it’s made me have to look at my golf course management to get around the back 6.

Two rounds in a row I’ve messed up trying to go for birdies and the beat the back 6 however, on this tight course the risk is not always worth the reward. So I’ve set myself a challenge, can I reduce my handicap, by playing to my strengths.

Working back from the greens thanks to a #PeterFinch tutorial and #GolfVlogsUK video, I’m looking at 110 yards as my strongest shot in with a gap wedge.

Apologies for the windy video, it was horrific that day but hopefully, you can follow what I’m saying and see how I got on!

This is great golf course management if you’re looking for golf tips to break 90, golf tips to break 80 and of course, general golf tips for beginners too. It’s important to play the course in front of you, especially a tight course like Westhoughton Golf Club.

Hopefully, with a little more course management, I’ll be winning competitions instead of blowing up on the back 6!

Fingers crossed.

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